perjantai 22. kesäkuuta 2007

Summer 2007 yukata


My first yukata! Of course it had to be pink ^_^
I think it looks kinda nice. The colors are cool, maybe too cool considering what's the summer in Finland like, brr. But I really like the pink and purple combo.
The pics are taken by our summerhouse. I live in the city and every time I go to our summerhouse I'm surprised how GREEN it is everywhere.


The best thing in early summer is the light. I think the light is most beautiful in early summer evening. Great time for some kimono photoshoot ^_^

keskiviikko 20. kesäkuuta 2007

Iromuji ensemble

This one-crested iromuji kimono has a decent sleeve-to-sleeve size but I need to let out the seams to increase hip size. The color is beautiful! The flower in my hair is my first try making kanzashi.

Thanks to the great people on Immortal Geisha forums my kitsuke is getting better ^_^ It would have been so much more difficult to learn kitsuke without getting any help.