perjantai 4. tammikuuta 2008

Going to see Madama Butterfly

I was invited to the opera to see Madama Butterfly. It was the opening night so I thought it was appropriate to wear something classy and what could be better than a Taisho era kimono ^_^
The irotomesode is beautiful and one of my favorites and so is the maru obi but it's sooo heavy and difficult to tie! Anyway, the kimono and the obi go so nicely together, I think.

The nijudaiko musubi took me umm, about 2 hours. I should have practised with an easier obi like normal fukuro first! The obi fell apart during the car ride and I had to fix it many times to keep it together.

The gals at Immortal Geisha forums suggested to change the obijime and of course they were right. Though it still is not perfect the red one goes so much better with this ensemble ^_^

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