lauantai 7. kesäkuuta 2008

Summer 2008 kimono ensembles

Summer's here again and it's time for the photoshoot in the garden of our summerhouse. I've had this tsukesage for a long time but couldn't find an obi to go with it. But here it is! I'm so happy ^_^
The kimono has an interesting pattern. The first picture shows a boy and a mouse stealing something from a pot and in the second picture the boy is tied to a pole and the mouse is tickling his feet. If anyone knows the story behind this, please let me know!

Next summer I might get another obiage-obijime set for this kimono. The pink is okay but it looks a little bit too bright to me.

Here's another summer kimono ensemble: my sha poly komon and poly hitoe obi. This isn't as comfortable as the silk kimono but I love the colors! It's one of my favorite ensembles. Please excuse me, I forgot to take of the basting stitches on the sleeves!

Smile ^_^