perjantai 22. elokuuta 2008

Taishoroman ensemble - in action!

My husbandand I went to see a demostration organized by our Tea club (we didn't take part since we're still only beginners). As you can see in the picture, it was a success ^_^

Tonight there were many events around the town and I wanted to wear this ensemble. I'm so glad that I finally was able to wear it! But I hope no one thought I was dressed for Tea Ceremony! Tea ceremony kimono should be subdued and calm, preferably one color only. My kimono ensemble is a good example of what's NOT appropriate :)

I had only 15 minutes to get dressed so I didn't have time to fix my collar (which is wider than it was supposed to be) but I'm quite happy how the taiko turned out: instead of the ordinary square shape I was aiming at more relaxed style. I chose a pink shibori silk haneri and a salmon pink shibori obiage to go with this ensemble. I know it's not seasonally correct but the weather might have been too cold to wear usumono and I would probably have looked silly in a sheer silk kimono with a warm wool shawl on my shoulders :)

sunnuntai 10. elokuuta 2008

Kimono party!

I invited the members of our Tea club to watch the movie Sakuran and maybe also to get dressed in kimono. In the end we didn't have time to watch the movie at all but we've got some really nice kimono pics ^_^

I wore my new custom made hitoe iromuji kimono. I'm glad I finally have a kimono that fits me perfectly! I like iromuji a lot because they're so versatile. Being one color only, you can dress them up and down depending on the occassion. Just combine with different obi and accessories and you've got many styles with just one kimono! In the picture I'm wearing my iromuji with a transparent fukuro obi, a summer sheer silk obiage and a summer obijime and zori made of asa hemp.
So comfortable ^_^

More photos on flickr!

tiistai 5. elokuuta 2008

Taishoroman ensemble

Originally uploaded by jeiccis

I'm so happy I got this kimono and obi! Both are vintage but in a very good condition: the kimono has only a one or two very small snags and the obi has some small holes but they're not visible when worn.
The fern leaves are woven beautifully. The lucky mallet motif in the obi is hand embroidered. I hope I'd someday have the skill and the patience to do that kind of embroidery...
I can't wait to be able to get dressed up ^_^

maanantai 4. elokuuta 2008

Blog created!

Getting started...

I will post some AMAZING KIMONO STUFF later!
Find your inner kimono freak and stay tuned :)

I also added some of my older kimono pics and stories beneath them.

lauantai 2. elokuuta 2008

Dressing up my friend

Today me and my friends went through my kimono collection and I wanted to dress my friend Heli in kimono. My ume tsukesage is too short and too narrow for me but it fits her perfectly! She's so pretty ^_^
I have a new digital camera and taking photos is so much more fun now.