sunnuntai 10. elokuuta 2008

Kimono party!

I invited the members of our Tea club to watch the movie Sakuran and maybe also to get dressed in kimono. In the end we didn't have time to watch the movie at all but we've got some really nice kimono pics ^_^

I wore my new custom made hitoe iromuji kimono. I'm glad I finally have a kimono that fits me perfectly! I like iromuji a lot because they're so versatile. Being one color only, you can dress them up and down depending on the occassion. Just combine with different obi and accessories and you've got many styles with just one kimono! In the picture I'm wearing my iromuji with a transparent fukuro obi, a summer sheer silk obiage and a summer obijime and zori made of asa hemp.
So comfortable ^_^

More photos on flickr!

2 kommenttia:

Jane kirjoitti...

Hi there, found you, and your lovely kimono, via the Ichiroya blog. I only have a couple of kimono which hang on the walls, too small for me sadly. I love all the photos and will be back to check out more.

xiner kirjoitti...

Thanks for visiting my blog Jane! I'm glad you like my kimono ^_^
Most vintage kimono are too small for me too but I've managed to find some that fit me. Sometimes it's also possible to let out the seams a bit to make the sleeves longer and to increase the hip size.