perjantai 22. elokuuta 2008

Taishoroman ensemble - in action!

My husbandand I went to see a demostration organized by our Tea club (we didn't take part since we're still only beginners). As you can see in the picture, it was a success ^_^

Tonight there were many events around the town and I wanted to wear this ensemble. I'm so glad that I finally was able to wear it! But I hope no one thought I was dressed for Tea Ceremony! Tea ceremony kimono should be subdued and calm, preferably one color only. My kimono ensemble is a good example of what's NOT appropriate :)

I had only 15 minutes to get dressed so I didn't have time to fix my collar (which is wider than it was supposed to be) but I'm quite happy how the taiko turned out: instead of the ordinary square shape I was aiming at more relaxed style. I chose a pink shibori silk haneri and a salmon pink shibori obiage to go with this ensemble. I know it's not seasonally correct but the weather might have been too cold to wear usumono and I would probably have looked silly in a sheer silk kimono with a warm wool shawl on my shoulders :)

4 kommenttia:

Misuchi kirjoitti...

so nice you started a blog ^_^
I love your kimono style and you look so lovely, cute really!
This ensemble I love very much!
But what's not to like about vintage kimono (apart from the most comon size ^_~)

xiner kirjoitti...

Thank-you ^_^

Satoai kirjoitti...

It's true formal tea ceremonies are very often subdued, but in California the women who perform it often dress in bright, vivid colors and patterns, in han-haba obi, in yukata with han-eri, lace tabi. All sorts of non-formal ways. Maybe the 'loud' outfits clash with the 'quiet' atmosphere, but I think you can wear basically what you like as long as you enjoy the moment.

xiner kirjoitti...

Hi Satoai! People here in Finland wear very "quiet" outfits when performing tea ceremony. I don't think it should always be that way though: being sophisticated and subdued doesn't mean it has to be all grey ^_^