lauantai 13. syyskuuta 2008

Autumn ensemble

I love the colors of this outfit! The kimono is a wool kimono and the obi is a silk nagoya obi. I just snatched the red scarf in a hurry but it looks quite good, I think ^_^ In Japan it'd be too early to wear this ensemble but here the weather is already cold enough to be comfortable in wool kimono.

The kimono is short and the sleeves are far too short but I still love it! I've worn it many times with a red hanhaba obi. This obi combination looks more interesting to me but the white tabi and collar look kinda too white now. Next time I'll try a yellow haneri and tabi socks :)

A close-up of the obi.

My husband and his "outrageous" blue-green collar ^_^ Sorry for the poor picture quality, this photo was taken by me... all the other photos are his. I think he's a very good photographer :)

2 kommenttia:

Jenny kirjoitti...

Ihanan näköinen ^^
minäkin haluan lämpimämmän kimonon.

xiner kirjoitti...

Kiitokset ^_^