maanantai 15. syyskuuta 2008

Snowflake obi

I wore my hitoe iromuji again but now with a different obi. This is a fukuro obi and the pattern is karabana, imaginary flower. But don't they look like snowflakes :)

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Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

That is a beautiful obi, stunning! And you're right, it does look like snowflakes are on it. It has a wintery feel to it, especially because of the silver color, which looks like snow. And the bleu is also very nice... Just a gorgeous obi. I am jealous :-)

xiner kirjoitti...

Glad you like the obi! It was a lucky find from Ryujiro's eBay auction. The auction pictures just didn't do it justice. Hope I'll find a lined kimono to go with my obi so I can wear it in winter too :)

yukikahou kirjoitti...


Hi, I'm ensquared from the immortalgeisha forums. Just want to say that I'm really pleased and surprised that you put a link to my blog :) miyabi-obimakura no soushi.

Thanks for the link. Here I was thinking that no one reads my blog...i'll try to put up more yukata sewing posts then.

Great outfits, by the way.

xiner kirjoitti...

Hi ensquared! I like your blog very much (especially the beautiful blue yukata ensemble you posted a while ago) so don't be surprised that people actually read it ^_^ I'm waiting to see more!