tiistai 21. lokakuuta 2008

Chidori with fukuro obi

Last time it was a chidori variation with maru obi and now I wanted to try a normal chidori with fukuro obi, tied with a biyosugata. When you use a biyosugata you construct the bow first, secure with clips and put it on - just like a backpack ^_^

Hope I'll get a change to wear this with my landscape houmongi some day!

landscape houmongi

sunnuntai 19. lokakuuta 2008

Chidori musubi, second try

Yay, I think I did much better now ^_^
I pulled the collar back more than I usually do. Maybe it's too much?
I also tried new ways to tie my obiage and obijime.

keskiviikko 15. lokakuuta 2008

Is it a bird? Or is it a propeller?

I've always liked the chidori musubi. It is very beautiful and I wanted to try tying it myself. I thought I chose a wrong kind of obi because the wings didn't stay as I wanted them to but I found out later that I had forgotten to secure the rubberbands of my biyosugata! No wonder if didn't stay. Actually it's a miracle the bow didn't totally collapse ^_^

This bow looks a lot like fukurasuzume but the way it's constructed is different. Check out Toma-san's webpage for instructions, here. I made the wings bigger.

I also thought I'd just dress quickly and skipped padding but everything seemed to go wrong! I even couldn't put the center back seam on the center. Need some practise. I also tried to "fix" the musubi and retied the decorative cord but it ended up worse than it was before...

But isn't this kimono wonderful ^_^ I'm totally in love with it. It has stains but it's still such a beautiful piece!

Headless kitsuke

sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2008

Let's Party Like It's 1933

Let's Party Like It's 1933

Here's my another try at IG's new challenge forum. The fashion for the year 1933 was wearing dounuki with crested iromuji. Here's my try to bring back that style! My iromuji isn't crested but who cares ^_^

This really was a challenge! I've never tried layered kitsuke before and found out it's not that easy to do. It's literally three times more collar problems and not to mention how hot and heavy it is! But after I managed to get dressed I have to say it was quite comfortable.

I'm wearing my pink peony tsukesage underneath. It has a kasane eri attached. I'm not so sure about the color combo but the tsukesage was the same size as my iromuji.

Pics taken at the rooftop of our house by my beloved official photographer ^_^ This landscape probably hasn't changed much since 1933.

Let's Party Like It's 1933Let's Party Like It's 1933

I edited this to look like an old photo:

Let's Party Like It's 1933

Obi display

I don't only wear my kimono but I also display them ^_^
I made this kimono hanger mostly for to display my haori collection but now I decided to do something with my maru obi too. This is what I came up with! Now I'm thinking of another obi display possibilities for next week.

The same obi being worn here.

maanantai 6. lokakuuta 2008

IG's black-white-red kitsuke challenge

I took part in a kitsuke challenge on Immortal Geisha forums: "What's Black, White and Red All Over". What a nice idea! I haven't even tried this kimono on before because it's so small but I decided to give a try.

The kurotomesode looks discolored in the photos but it's not, it's just the flash. Actually the seller's photos looked like it too but even I thought there's discoloration all over I still got it. Maybe the other bidders thought so too so I got it practically for free! It's very small so no ohashori this time. I'm not going to wear this ensemble out of the house anyway.

BTW, these photos are taken by me! I think I'm getting better. They're at least not too blurred ^_^
I hurried home after work and dressed quickly to be able to take the pictures before it got dark but I didn't quite make it and had to take the pics with a flash. It gets dark so soon now.