sunnuntai 19. lokakuuta 2008

Chidori musubi, second try

Yay, I think I did much better now ^_^
I pulled the collar back more than I usually do. Maybe it's too much?
I also tried new ways to tie my obiage and obijime.

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Caroline kirjoitti...

Hello, you have so many such wonderful kimono. You must have be a closet ful of them. They're stunning. I have some kimonos myself and I can understand you so well to collect them. I read you attend 'chado'. I learned the the normal 'usucha-temae' and 'koicha-temae' in an Urasenke-Chadokai in Tokyo. Now I am in Nuremberg at the teaceremony club. Please, say greetings to your club from Chikijin Chadokai Nuremberg and feel free to visit us when you travel to Germany. :-)