perjantai 14. maaliskuuta 2008

Dinner-dance in kimono

My friend invited me to a fancy dinner-dance and of course I wanted to wear a kimono ^_^
I thought my peony tsukesage was seasonally and formality-wise appropriate and it already has a stain so I wasn't so scared for staining it. It really was a lot of fun! I was dancing all night long and had to fix my obi every now and then but I'm still very happy that my kitsuke didn't fall apart. This photo was taken after wearing the kimono for many hours!

fukura suzume
I tied my obi to a fukura suzume bow. It's a furisode bow but to an untrained eye it looks better than the otaiko bow. I tried to tie a smaller bow than when wearing a furisode. I think it works ^_^

2 kommenttia:

shino kirjoitti...

Wow, Fukurasuzume? How goegeous! It's perfect for a party. You tie by yourself?
It's very good suggestion fukurasuzume for a party. Thank you! (but I need to study how to tie...)

xiner kirjoitti...

Hi Shino! Glad you like the idea! I tied the fukurasuzume myself by using a "biyosugata" obi clip. It's a very handy item ^_^