maanantai 6. lokakuuta 2008

IG's black-white-red kitsuke challenge

I took part in a kitsuke challenge on Immortal Geisha forums: "What's Black, White and Red All Over". What a nice idea! I haven't even tried this kimono on before because it's so small but I decided to give a try.

The kurotomesode looks discolored in the photos but it's not, it's just the flash. Actually the seller's photos looked like it too but even I thought there's discoloration all over I still got it. Maybe the other bidders thought so too so I got it practically for free! It's very small so no ohashori this time. I'm not going to wear this ensemble out of the house anyway.

BTW, these photos are taken by me! I think I'm getting better. They're at least not too blurred ^_^
I hurried home after work and dressed quickly to be able to take the pictures before it got dark but I didn't quite make it and had to take the pics with a flash. It gets dark so soon now.

4 kommenttia:

Misuchi kirjoitti...

I love kurotomesode even though they are not versatile. It is still wonderful to dress up in one. You look stunning!

xiner kirjoitti...

Thanks ^_^
I wish there were more occasions for wearing kurotomesode. I really like them!

Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

The pictures are good and the kurotomesode is very pretty! And I really love the red screen you're posing in front of.

Hopefully I'll receive a package from our dear Ichiroya saturday, and then I'll make some more kitsuke posts... Haven't been doing any kitsuke lately (shame on me haha).

xiner kirjoitti...

Kyuukaryuko, thanks! I'm waiting for you to post some kimono pics ^_^
I also ordered some Taisho stuff again, hope they'll arrive soon :)