keskiviikko 15. lokakuuta 2008

Is it a bird? Or is it a propeller?

I've always liked the chidori musubi. It is very beautiful and I wanted to try tying it myself. I thought I chose a wrong kind of obi because the wings didn't stay as I wanted them to but I found out later that I had forgotten to secure the rubberbands of my biyosugata! No wonder if didn't stay. Actually it's a miracle the bow didn't totally collapse ^_^

This bow looks a lot like fukurasuzume but the way it's constructed is different. Check out Toma-san's webpage for instructions, here. I made the wings bigger.

I also thought I'd just dress quickly and skipped padding but everything seemed to go wrong! I even couldn't put the center back seam on the center. Need some practise. I also tried to "fix" the musubi and retied the decorative cord but it ended up worse than it was before...

But isn't this kimono wonderful ^_^ I'm totally in love with it. It has stains but it's still such a beautiful piece!

Headless kitsuke

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Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

That is a beautiful kimono! The color blue is perfect. And the obi is also very pretty.
May I ask, where did you buy a biyosugata? And is it easier to tie a furisode-musubi with one?

xiner kirjoitti...

Thanks! I got the biyosugata from Yahoo Japan auctions, search: 美容姿
When it comes to furisode bows I can't do a thing without it. Although it takes some practice the results are much better.