maanantai 15. joulukuuta 2008

Orange Taisho kimono

I couldn't help feeling disappointed when I got this kimono in mail. It's in excellent condition and the size is okay but I didn't like the color at all. It looked much much prettier in seller's photos! I still decided to give it a chance and did some experimental kitsuke with my mofuku Nagoya obi. Perhaps it's got some potential anyway.

The photos are taken without a flash to draw out the real color. Still it looks better in photos, I think.

Taisho kimono & mofuku obi

5 kommenttia:

shino kirjoitti...

I think this kimono color fit your hair color. This is a great advantage!

Misuchi kirjoitti...

I love your new kimono and she looks great on you. I also like the black obi it's bold. She will grow on you I am sure!

Jenny kirjoitti...

Oranssi voi olla vaikea väri.
Mutta minusta se on hieno näytät hienolta <3, haluaisin itse kokeilla jotain eri värejä mutta en tiedä miltä näyttäisin vaikka oranssissa ^^

xiner kirjoitti...

I'm glad you say that shino! I wasn't sure is this really my color.

Misuchi, thanks! I'm starting to like her now :)

Jenny, kiitos :) Keltainen ainakin sopii sinulle hyvin, miksei oranssi.

Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

Good that you're starting to like this kimono. She's beautiful, and the obi also very nice.