keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2009

Exhibition opening

Our tea club members were invited to opening night of an exhibition of the theme "Daughters of Sun Goddess - Japanese femininity". What a great occasion for kimono wearing ^_^

Usually when we wear a kimono it has something to do with chado and the ensembles have to be quite subdued. Now we finally had a chance to wear our fanciest kimono and obi musubi. Jouni also wore his hakama for the first time and actually dressed himself!

The exhibition was great. There were beautiful kanzashi, make up things, uchiwa, woodblock prints... It was very crowded so I didn't have a chance to get a good look on everything but I'll go again.

More pics on flickr.

2 kommenttia:

Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

Wauw! Your group looks amazing, and I'm jealous of the January musubi. Beautiful kimono and a great occasion for it.

xiner kirjoitti...

Thanks Kyuukaryuko :) The January musubi is great - it wasn't even too hard to tie.