perjantai 20. helmikuuta 2009

Meisen kimono outfit

Usually I wear a kimono only at Tea ceremony occassions. I try to be a good girl and do my best kitsuke and follow the rules. But sometimes you just have to loosen up ^_^

A while ago I got Mokona's Okimono Kimono in mail and I love the book! I wanted to try lace and cuffs with kimono too and came up with this ensemble. I also had a hat to go with this ensemble but I forgot to wear it in pictures, didn't realize until it was too late...
Finally I got a kimono to wear with my favorite juban. I just love it's color and the pattern - goldfish! You can't see much of it but it's really great and fun :)

I sew cuffs into my meisen kimono and attached a crocheted strip my friend Heli made for me into the collar. Thanks Heli! She even gave me this beautiful shawl. It goes so well with kimono.

Crocheted shawl


sunnuntai 8. helmikuuta 2009

Kimono and banana leaves

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At least it looks like a banana plant to me?

We had a chado demonstration in Gardenia tropical garden. What a nice and unusual surroundings for Tea ceremony! I'm wearing my pink landscape houmongi with a fukuro obi. Thanks to Henriikka for photos ^_^

More pics here.

sunnuntai 1. helmikuuta 2009

Chado demonstration

This weekend our tea club also performed tea ceremony demonstrations in museum's small tea room. There were lots of audience, hope they enjoyed it ^_^
Naomi-san made usucha today. Her kimono is full shibori, very beautiful!


I didn't want to disturb the audience by taking too many photos during the demonstration so I asked Jenny to pose for a photo before.
Thank you!


Jouni is wearing a vintage silk hakama. Compared to polyester hakama he said it was more difficult to dress but more comfortable when worn. Silk hakama also makes more beautiful sounds, really! When the wearer is walking around polyester hakama sounds like a plastic bag.

Jouni & me

I'm wearing my iromuji and "snowflake" fukuro obi. My juban sleeves are a bit too long...