lauantai 18. huhtikuuta 2009

Chado demonstration #2 and a laundry day ^_^

Our tea club had another chado demonstration today at Sinebrychoff museum in Helsinki. Pics from the first demonstration and more info here.

I'm wearing my bingata-like which is the first kimono is the first kimono I ever got! I've worn it only once before.
My kimono is still a bit too small but now I've lost some weight it fits me better, yay ^_^



I wasn't too happy with my kitsuke. I was in a hurry (as usual) and I also forgot my erishin and ended up to use a piece of paper instead!
Our sensei gave us some kitsuke critique and suggested us to tie the obi lower. She said for tall ladies obi looks better tied a bit lower and I totally agree. I used to tie my obi far too low and while trying to avoid it I ended up exaggerating it.
She also said because my kimono is too small I should pull my left front panel further. She's right again of course. But despite my A4 erishin she said my collar was fine ^_^

So after coming home I tried again to do better, hope I did! I tied my obi a bit lower and also padded more carefully (and used a real erishin).
Our house has a large laundry drying room under the roof. There's a large window and lots of light so we went there to take some pics:





P.S. I realized it has been a month since I last posted! I have a new job so I've been quite busy but I hope from now on I'll have more time for studying chado and practicing my kitsuke.

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Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

your kitsuke looks amazing, and I love your kimono.

Don't apologize for not posting in a while! I haven't also ^_^ Last week I did some kitsuke and the last time before that was 4 months ago :-)

Misuchi kirjoitti...

You look great! I can't see the kimono is too small at all.

Looks like you have an amazing house!

Jenny kirjoitti...

En ole nähnyt tuota kimonoa aikasemmin ^^ se on nätti
Sopii sinulle!
Halusin itse tulla auttamaan muuta minulla oli raku kurssi silloin lauantaina ja siellä kesti koko päivä.

xiner kirjoitti...

Kyuukaryuko, thanks! Having a break once in a while is okay. It's so much fun to start over again :)

Misuchi, glad you like! Our house is only a small apartment house, nothing special really :)

When practicing chado you need a bigger size kimono than you'd normally do. I guess my kimono is almost there but a little bigger hip size would be better. So it certainly won't flap open.

Jenny, kiitos ^_^
Mitä teitte kurssilla? Oliko kivaa?

Celina Huang kirjoitti...

It´s an interesting blog about kimono. Very inspiring for people like me who dream to own one someday.

xiner kirjoitti...

Hello Celina!
Thanks for reading my blog. I think you should definitely get a kimono of your own, kitsuke is so much fun ^_^ But be warned: in the beginning I thought I'd only buy one or two kimono, lol.