tiistai 26. toukokuuta 2009

Crested komon

This kimono arrived today ^_^ I had been drooling over it for ages. I thought I'd deserve a treat and now it's mine! This one is a bit peculiar - it is a komon kimono but has one crest. Also the designs line up and match over seams so it's more formal than usual komon kimono.

According to John Marshall the pattern is shippou, a sort of shorthand for seven treasures.

The fabric of the kimono is beautiful, very light and shiny silk. The patterns are woven with urushi coated thread. I combined my kimono with a Taisho era chuya obi. The other side of the obi has stripes. Also my porcelain obidome is from Taisho era.

Yet another ensemble I hope to wear out someday ^_^

Crested komon

Crested komon

sunnuntai 24. toukokuuta 2009

Kitsuke Keiko

Kitsuke Keiko
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Our Tea club had a kimono class again. It's so much fun to learn how to wear a kimono together! We did help each other a bit with obi tying but otherwise everybody dressed themselves. Everybody's learning so fast, great work ^_^

I love everybody's ensembles too. Especially I adore the purple Pearl Drops kimono Aliisa is wearing, wow! Eerika had her lovely Showa houmongi arrive just in time. I also think Veera's new peachy pink iromuji suits her very well.

More pics on Eerika's flickr account

Our previous kimono class from January

sunnuntai 17. toukokuuta 2009

The Rose Bouquet Challence continues

I got this kimono on mail last week. It was listed as meisen but it isn't. I think it's chirimen, sort of. The kimono sleeves are about the same length as the sleeves of my meisen haori.

I think they go quite nicely together ^_^ But I need black tabi!

It would be nice if my kimono and haori had a bit larger wingspan but I guess you just can't have everything. Anyway I'm quite happy with this ensemble! Hope I can wear it out someday.

The Rose BouquetThe Rose Bouquet

lauantai 16. toukokuuta 2009

Nô performance

This week we had a rare oppoturnity to see Nô theatre in Helsinki, performed by the Oshima family of Kitai school. All three shows were so enjoyable! We wore kimono to the last performance. The plays we saw as a whole were Hagoromo (The Feather Robe) and Tenko (Heavenly Drum). We also saw a part of the play Tsuchigumo (Spider) which was especially impressive. My favorite still was Tenko, a story of a boy and his father. It was so touching that I had tears in my eyes.

Click for larger view!


The set was beautifully made. They didn't have a possibility to build a real Nô stage to the old opera house of Helsinki but what they did do was awesome enough.


Finally I was able to do kitsuke again! I've been sick so I couldn't do kitsuke for a while. But the good thing about it is that I lost so much weight that my lovely karako tsukesage finally fits me, yay! As you can see it has much longer sleeves than most modern kimono.
I had to tie my himo very low but hope it's okay anyway.


Yuna-chan's new iromuji is so pink and pretty! I tied the obi into a fukura suzume bow. Too bad we had to do everything again...


... can you find one small mistake? *oops*


The obi has pigeons! It's awesome ^_^


Three kimono ladies in front of Alexander Theatre.


After the show. I love all of these three different versions of my favorite combo, a pink kimono with a white based obi. Because of the silly mistake I did before I had only a half an hour to dress both these two ladies. I'm still probably not at my best. Hope I did okay anyway!

tiistai 12. toukokuuta 2009

The Rose Bouquet

Mamechiyo's obi is so versatile! It goes with so many kimono. I'm thinking about a personal challenge of how many ensembles I can pull off with this obi.

I didn't mean to pull my collar so far back. It just... happened, lol.
Thanks to Heli for kanzashi ^_^ Though I think I failed attaching it to the comb.

I also copied Mamechiyo's idea and made a haneri with iron-on rhinestones.

The Rose Bouquet