lauantai 16. toukokuuta 2009

Nô performance

This week we had a rare oppoturnity to see Nô theatre in Helsinki, performed by the Oshima family of Kitai school. All three shows were so enjoyable! We wore kimono to the last performance. The plays we saw as a whole were Hagoromo (The Feather Robe) and Tenko (Heavenly Drum). We also saw a part of the play Tsuchigumo (Spider) which was especially impressive. My favorite still was Tenko, a story of a boy and his father. It was so touching that I had tears in my eyes.

Click for larger view!


The set was beautifully made. They didn't have a possibility to build a real Nô stage to the old opera house of Helsinki but what they did do was awesome enough.


Finally I was able to do kitsuke again! I've been sick so I couldn't do kitsuke for a while. But the good thing about it is that I lost so much weight that my lovely karako tsukesage finally fits me, yay! As you can see it has much longer sleeves than most modern kimono.
I had to tie my himo very low but hope it's okay anyway.


Yuna-chan's new iromuji is so pink and pretty! I tied the obi into a fukura suzume bow. Too bad we had to do everything again...


... can you find one small mistake? *oops*


The obi has pigeons! It's awesome ^_^


Three kimono ladies in front of Alexander Theatre.


After the show. I love all of these three different versions of my favorite combo, a pink kimono with a white based obi. Because of the silly mistake I did before I had only a half an hour to dress both these two ladies. I'm still probably not at my best. Hope I did okay anyway!

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Misuchi kirjoitti...

All of you ladies look so pretty! Like Easter-eggs... yummie!
Too bad the left over rice was all eaten hihi.
I think you could tie your himo a bit higher, as your ohashori is pretty long, but of course that's all preference.
You're so lucky to have seen No theater... must have been very special.

xiner kirjoitti...

Thanks Misuchi! Yes we were all so happy to be able to see No theatre. I'll definitely want to go again, hope I'll have a chance someday.

Thank goodness we noticed the leftover rice situation before going out, phew ^_^

I agree my himo is too low, I'll definitely tie it higher next time.

JuJu kirjoitti...

Hello, Xiner!

I saw a open-air Noh performance twice in Nara. It was great to see Noh with the flames of the torches! When I finally learn the whole process of Kitsuke, I want to go out in Kimono like you :)


xiner kirjoitti...

Hello JuJu!

It must have been wonderful to see No theatre at open air stage. I hope I can go someday too!

I'm afraid my kitsuke is still not good enough. I must especially practice dressing other people. But I will get better ^_^