tiistai 12. toukokuuta 2009

The Rose Bouquet

Mamechiyo's obi is so versatile! It goes with so many kimono. I'm thinking about a personal challenge of how many ensembles I can pull off with this obi.

I didn't mean to pull my collar so far back. It just... happened, lol.
Thanks to Heli for kanzashi ^_^ Though I think I failed attaching it to the comb.

I also copied Mamechiyo's idea and made a haneri with iron-on rhinestones.

The Rose Bouquet

4 kommenttia:

Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

It's a very pretty obi!
One question... how do you get to show your juban collar/haneri so nicely? That's one thing I always want and try, but it just doesn't work out.
Good luck with your new challenge!

xiner kirjoitti...

Kyuukaryuko, the trick is padding the neck and shoulders. Fold a towel to V-shape and place it under the collar of your juban. You also need to pull your collar back enough (but not so far back as I did ^_^)

Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

Ahhh, didn't know that. Thank you ^_~

Misuchi kirjoitti...

I saw you looking wonderful in this set at Flickr and was hoping to see it here, just gorgeous you really look like a picture, and I like the low collar on you ^_~