perjantai 26. kesäkuuta 2009

Yukata party

Summer is finally here, the weather has been very cold but now the sun is shining. Me and my friends got dressed in a yukata, took some photos, ate lots of ice cream and had lots of fun! ^_^

I sew my dark blue yukata by myself. Otherwise it's okay but I made a stupid mistake quite in the beginning. I don't know how it happened but somehow I turned the other front panel around and didn't notice until I had cut the collar and sewn the center back seam. I used 38 cm wide yukata fabric and its both sides look same - I did mark the right side but I still made a mistake. The most annoying thing is that now I've got two big flowers on both sides of my butt...


Aliisa also made her yukata by herself. It is awesome! She's a professional seamstress so of course she can sew, but I also love the design and think this is one of the most elegant yukata ensembles I've ever seen.


Jouni also got dressed in his asa hemp blend yukata. I love the yellow obi and tabi!


Jenny in her plum blossom patterned yukata. It surely makes you feel cool when you think about winter and plum blossoms.


Me and Eerika talking about how long it takes to go to the loo in a yukata... well, it really doesn't take any longer than when wearing western clothes. Can you imagine, a totally random guy actually asked us about this XD

Group photo #2