sunnuntai 12. heinäkuuta 2009

Finncon/Animecon 2009 outfit

This year's convention was a lot of fun! I was one of the very few kimono-clad people, not counting all those Bleach cosplayers :)

I wore my sha summer kimono and a hitoe obi, both synthetic and washable. But I think that even an awase kimono made of silk is more breathable. Well, at least my ensemble _looks_ cool enough...

The first day I tied my obi into bunko musubi but it probably wasn't a very good idea. Bunko looks nice with yukata but it just didn't work so well with this kimono. Next day I did kouken (chidori) musubi. It wasn't a 100% success but still it was better than bunko. My obi was a bit too floppy and also on the short side so the wings of my "chidori" didn't become as well as I had liked them to. Anyway, I'm always happy to try something new.

BTW I'm totally in love with my Swan Lake bag ^_^

Summer kimono