maanantai 5. lokakuuta 2009


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Long time no post! It's not that haven't been wearing kimono lately but I've been forgetting to take photos.

This is what I wore to Tsukimi chakai organized by our Tea club. I probably should have chosen something more formal but to tell the truth I was dying to wear this fern komon of mine. It's one of my favorites but I've had a chance to wear it only once before.

Too bad it was raining so we couldn't go moon viewing as planned but otherwise the chakai was a very nice occasion. I hope the guests weren't bothered for me messing up all the time...

Sorry the bit forced smile, I was tired for working too much lately.




5 kommenttia:

Rinna Pitsiunelma kirjoitti...

I love how your golden hair matches the golden ferns. Is it embroidered or woven decoration?

The half-side half-back view of kimono-wearing girl is always so elegant. Lovely!

Kyuukaryuko kirjoitti...

I can imagine that you wanted to wear this komon, it's beautiful. Blue and gold are such a nice combination.

xiner kirjoitti...

Thanks Rinna! I'm glad you like^^
The fern decoration is woven. I heard it's best to wear a painted or embroidered obi with a woven kimono and vice versa. This time I got it right by accident. :)

Anne, thank you so much ^_^

Jenny kirjoitti...

Minä pidän erityisesti väristä. jotenkin se sininen on niin ihana siinä.^^

Yuki kirjoitti...

Greeting from Indonesia, I'm having fun reading and browsing your blog, especially when it comes to your kimono and kitsuke. Too bad the post has stopped in 2010. I hope you will somehow and someday continue writing on your blog again ^w^.