sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2010

Year of the Tiger

Geisha hikizuri kimono
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I tried hikizuri kitsuke for the first time! Jenny was kind enough to let me dress her. We had a kimono theme party and we had lot of fun. A few of my kimono also found a new owner and I'm very happy about it. It is so much better to see them worn well by other people than just lying in my closet wrapped in tatoshi!

I got this geiko hikizuri for a few months ago. It is from early Showa era and the maru obi is about the same age. I think they go quite nicely together. This obi is quite difficult to tie because it's so heavy and stiff and I think I made it too wide. I also didn't have any red cloth to pass as momi so it's missing.

But I think I did quite well for my first time, also considering it was after a few glasses of wine. :)

Geisha hikizuri kimono

Geisha hikizuri kimono

3 kommenttia:

Ume Bloom kirjoitti...

Oh my GOD! That looks amazing! and I love the picture with the tiger :) so cute!

Jenny kirjoitti...

It really was a gorgeus hiki, loved the color as well as the caligraphy it was so elegant.

Aki_fox kirjoitti...

Wow, so pretty! I just love the color contrast on the kimono! Yay vintage finds!