tiistai 3. elokuuta 2010

Goofing around in yukata

The summer has been very hot and even the air outside is already a bit cooler already it is still hot inside the house. I really don't take heat very well. When I arrive home I change into yukata right away. It is probably the most comfortable piece of garment I know! But no way I'm wearing datejime or obi-ita so I put everything together using only 2 koshihimo.

I tell you a secret: I am not wearing a single thing under my yukata. Don't tell anyone! :D




P.S. This time I used medium-sized pictures. Would you prefer smaller pictures?

5 kommenttia:

Jenny kirjoitti...

Very cute ^^
Meidän pitäisi kyllä järkätä kimono bileet nyt kun Aliisa hankki oman furisode. Pidetään furisode bileet!

Unknown kirjoitti...

Looking good, very cute ;)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

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happy holidays friend

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Lalique kirjoitti...

Happy to visit here friend
greetings from Turkey

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Unknown kirjoitti...

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